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Having won the Billy T Award, the NZ Comedy Guild Best MC (three or four times) and the NZCG Best Female Comedian (like five or six times, losing count), Justine has established herself as one of the best bloody stand ups we have here in New Zealand.


Justine does not suffer fools. No she doesn’t. Those who know Justine will readily testify to the fact the she is one of the most honest comics you’re likely to meet. This combined with her razor sharp wit and biting commentary makes her one of the best comics around.


Justine is a regular face on our screens, THREE’s 7Days, The Project, TVNZ’s Have You Been Paying Attention, along with many stand-up shows such as AotearoHA, A Night At The Classic, After Hours, Stand Up Aotearoa, and many Comedy Galas – which she hosted in 2021. 2022 has also seen her as a stand out on Taskmaster NZ.


A leading light of New Zealand Comedy, Justine is just as comfortable in a theatre or a local bar in the country, one of the best.

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Justine Smith

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