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Steve Wrigley

Unofficially Steve is our favourite here at Notorious*, so it's a little sad for us that he is currently living in the USA. 


Steve is well known to New Zealand audiences for his elaborate and exuberant comedy. Having appeared on many TV shows from 7Days to AotearoHA, the Comedy Gala to After Hours and his duo show with Ben Hurley World Famous with Ben & Steve, he’s proven his comedy chops to the whole country.

Incredibly creative, Steve has performed at many festivals both as a stand up, and with shows such as the multi-media interactive Office Boy and the extravaganza that is KEVIN: The Musical.

Winner of the Billy T Award, twice nominee for The Fred Award, and owner of a house he basically built in upstate New York, Steve loves the wrestling and the gaming, so make sure you follow him so you can get his comments and insights.

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